Reusable Cylinder Head Gaskets
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Reusable Side Draft O-Ring Gaskets
Click for a larger view Owing to the unsatisfactory performance of currently available side draft carburetor O-ring gaskets, we produced a new design using appropriate materials to overcome premature deterioration.    Due to the nature of O-ring usage the materials are required to have a high degree of chemical resistance.    They accommodate all pump fuels, exotic fuels, fuel additives, aromatics (toluene, xylene) and alcohols (ethanol, methanol).

They are made up of two parts: a flange plate which is purely to locate an O-ring centrally during assembly.    It is in no way an integral part of the O-ring and does not function in the sealing process.

The outer diameter of the O-ring is slightly larger than the inner diameter of the flange plate offering an interference fit not found in similar products.

This product is easy to fit, robust, durable and outperforms and outlasts similar products.

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  Bosch Fuel Injectors  

We have a large selection of high flow Bosch fuel injectors.

They come in a variety of different sizes and can be sold as new or remanufactured.

Please call or email for further information.

  Turbo Flange Gaskets  
  Our stainless steel turbo flange gaskets are able to survive the highest EGT and like our severe duty Head Gaskets are also totally reusable.

They should be used between two newly machined flange surfaces as they do not compress.