We at REDLINE ENGINEERING are offering a premium product reusable cylinder head gasket.    It is neither a laminate (multi layer shim plate) nor a composite asbestos / graphite type gasket.

Our gaskets have a massive reduction in contact area with the cylinder head and cylinder block surface, thereby increasing the total pressure of sealing around the combustion chambers where it is most needed.

The entry level model is constructed from a form of aluminium which is very conductive.    On both sides it has raised metal beads which surround the cylinder bores, bolt holes and oil / water galleries.    These raised areas are similar to O-rings yet they are an integral part of the gasket aiding in strength and conductivity.    They are available in a variety of bore sizes and thicknesses.    Thinner gaskets enable an increase in compression ratio and possibly a more optimal squish height, whereas thicker gaskets can be used as a compression lowering device.

Burton Power U.K. had a Cosworth test performed, where the 2.0 litre YB Cosworth engine running @ 3500 rpm cranked out 468.7ft/lbs (635.4Nm) of torque and 312.4 bhp @ 2 bar boost pressure.    Our entry level gasket held up throughout the duration of these test runs.

There are also severe duty copper and stainless steel models which are ideal for very high compression ratios as found in diesel engines and very highly boosted turbo charged engines with nitrous oxide.

These gaskets should only be used between precision machined cylinder head AND cylinder block surfaces, as they do not take up any irregularities nor warpage.

Our gaskets are like no others on the market and they are completely reuseable thus reducing repair costs.